Close Protection

The main objective of a Close Protection Officer is to facilitate the client’s needs without the interruption of any unwanted third parties, protecting against violence, harm and the onset of any potential threat. Ensuring that the client and or their family are protected in the appropriate manner deserving to the situation.

Planning and research are an absolute must with any Security Operation, the back office stages that we provide in conjunction with the Security Services are imperative to the safety of you, our client.

If you are travelling away on business or to a social event, we will give you the peace of mind to carry out your activities with the confidence in knowing that your safety is totally taken care of.

There has been a massive increase in private residential sabotage, defacement, theft and burglaries due to the current struggling climate, with this there is a growing concern for home safety and security. The experience of any such targeted action on your home can be traumatic and leave you feeling totally defenceless at the place you and your family members should feel the most protected and sheltered from such crimes.