Door Supervision

Our Door supervisors are much more than the stereotypical image portrayed in the media. We take pride in our work and offer our clients Door supervisors ready to develop a clear image and ethos for the door operation that is effective, tailored to their needs and in tune with their brand. This goes far beyond just dealing with incidents and vetting persons entering the premises.

Our Door Supervisors work with the venue managers to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere where everyone is welcome and work with clients to increase footfall in any attached facilities such as restaurants, through personal recommendations to arriving clientele.

We at FBI believe that to survive you must be able to adapt and change, more and more of our customers require security personnel to meet and greet their clients and have a good control of customer service we pride ourselves that every member of our staff is able to do this to the highest quality.

FBI ensure that every individual that works for us is guaranteed to have a vigorous history check across their employment and criminal records, not only is this a requirement of our quality management system but we believe it is the only way to detect rogue individuals working in the industry.